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Dixon's Digital Photo America

Highly Recommended
Eyda Hizer, Greenwood, Indiana
8/6/2019 3:38:38 PM

Great job working with my parents WWII pictures and enlarging a very old farming picture. I will take all of my future projects to them, and them only!!!

Dixon's Digital Photo
Mike Eickhoff, Plainfield, IN
12/27/2018 3:51:56 PM
I took in several old photos of my brother, sister, and me with Santa dated from the 1960's. Mr. Dixon restored the photos nicely, made a 2nd set, and displayed them in 2 picture frames along with nice winter backgrounds. These photos look like new again. I gave 1 set to my brother for Christmas and he was thrilled. The Dixons are super nice people, too. I am a customer for life.
The Best!!
Nina, Indianapolis, IN
12/18/2018 10:09:49 AM

They truly can do the impossible! Beautiful work! Excellent customer service! The Dixon's are lovely people!

Great work, great people
Mary , Indianapolis, IN
12/15/2018 1:01:19 PM

Picked Dixon's because of location and good online reviews. Dwayne and Nita were a pleasure to work with and my copies of old family photos turned out beautifully. Highly recommend!

Saved the Day
Jeri, Indianapolis, IN
9/20/2017 3:34:45 PM

Our daughter needed 2 rolls of film developed asap for an art project. Dwayne and Nita graciously took care of us! Great shop on the good old west side of Indy! Enjoyed meeting Brutus & Ringo Star.

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